Here are forms you may need to get involved with Camp ARROW:

Camper Applicants: Please read the cover letter carefully. The parent and teacher forms are due February 8. The physician and Hands and Hearts for Horses forms are due March 8. Campers will not be accepted for camp until parent, teacher, and physician forms have been received.

If you are submitting a camper application, you will also need to complete a Hands and Hearts for Horses form. This form is not required for camp participation, but is required in order for campers to ride horses at camp. Please note that the physician must complete and sign pages 6 and 7. We are excited for camp!

Staff Applicants: Staff applications are due March 8. Please read the cover letter and be sure to include notarized background check form and copy of your insurance card.

If you are having difficulty opening a file, let us know using the contact form. Thank you for applying!

Staff Job Descriptions: Potential staff members should review the job descriptions below before deciding for which position(s) to apply.

Volunteer Applicants: Volunteer applications are due before the week of camp. After applying, potential volunteers should await a call from one of the camp directors to determine the volunteer’s role at camp. Thank you for volunteering!

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